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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Nalen Gur er Kalakand

  • home made paneer (chhana) - 2bowl(medium)
  • grated khoya kheer - 2tsp
  • sugar - 1tsp
  • pista (powdered)
  • cashew nuts (semi Powdered)
  • ghee - 2tsp
  • condensed milk - 1/2tin
  • molasses (nalen gur) - 2tsp
  • rose water (optional)
  • heat ghee in a pan
  • add the home made cheese in it, and mix well with the ghee
  • then add grated khoya kheer, sugar, nalen gur and again mix well so that the mixture doesn't get dark
  • add 1/2 can of the condensed milk and again mix well & keep aside
  • take a plate and add ghee to it. put powdered pista & cashew nuts on top of that
  • put the cheese mixture on top of that pista & cashew powder. give the mixture a shape of the plate with edge of a knife and after a while turn the plate on top so that the pista and nuts come on top of the sweet.
  • then cut into square pieces and serve all

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