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Monday, February 13, 2012

Mishti Singhara

  • flour - 1cup
  • milk - 1cup
  • butter - 2tbsp
  • chopped pista nuts
  • small cardamom powder - 2tsp
  • chopped raisins
  • sweet khoya kheer (grated) - 1cup
  • grated coconut - 1cup
  • sugar - 4-5tsp
  • ghee - 2tsp
  • sugar syrup (Not very Thick) - 1bowl
  • refined sunflower oil - for deep frying
  • Take a bowl. Put flour, milk, a pinch of salt, butter, sugar & mix well
  • Add 1egg to the mixture and form the dough for the singhara & keep aside
  • Take a pan. Add ghee, grated coconut, sugar, khoya kheer, chopped cashew, chopped raisins, chopped pista, small elaichi powder and mix well all the ingredients until the stuff gets tight. Then remove from flame & keep aside.
  • Make small balls of the dough with little oil in hand. Roll the ball as we do for roti or paratha but a smaller circle. Cut the circle from between with a knife.
  • Take 1piece and put 1tsp mixture inside and fold it in the shape of a paan & keep aside
  • Now heat oil in a pan and deep fry those meetha singharas in the shape of a paan
  • Once the the singhara's get golden brown put them in the sugar syrup
  • Serve either hot or cold

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