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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Pao Madhuri (Bread Mithai)

  • bread - 4pcs
  • sugar syrup
  • thickened milk (boil & thicken the milk) - 1bowl
  • suji - 2tsp
  • flour - 2tsp
  • khoya kheer
  • small cardamom (chota elaichi) - 1tsp
  • sugar - 2tsp
  • ghee
  • baking powder - a pinch
  • salt to tatse
  • refined soya bean oil
  • take a mixing bowl, add bread & soak it in boiled milk and keep aside
  • then take another bowl and add flour, suji, baking powder, small elaichi, sugar & salt
  • mix this mixture nicely with the bread & milk mixture
  • smash the paste properly with hand so that clumps doesn't form
  • heat oil in a pan. when oil gets heated add ghee,
  • take small quantities of this batter in a spoon and deep fry in the oil
  • after frying the pieces pour them in sugar syrup
  • finally serve hot with khoya kheer & chota elaichi

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